March 13, 2013

Basketball - Dribbling (Prezi)

We started our basketball unit this week. This unit will be a five class unit that will include dribbling, passing, shooting, and two days of stations for K-2. We will have one day of review stations and one day of small sided game play for 3-5. The students are very excited about this unit and we are too. We have made our first unit Prezi to see if this would help move along the informing process. Prezi is a more active type of power point that is built online so you can view or present it anywhere you have access to a computer. Check Prezi out at

Before we introduced dribbling we went over our expectations and introduced the term of measure up to the students. Since this is my first year at a new school, we have been slowly changing some of the cues throughout the year. It was explained to the students that when the teacher says "measure up" they are to take the ball and put it between their feet. If the ball moves from their feet they are to let it go and get it when the teacher is done talking.


In our dribbling lesson we had all the students get a basketball in our single classes and in our double classes we had students partner up. We taught the students about their dominant and non dominant hand and how it was important that they use both hands. There were five cues we really focused on that can be seen to the right. For K-2 we really focused on the first three cues and with 3-5 we checked for all five.

In the actual lesson we had students dribble 10 times with their dominant hand and then 10 times with their non dominant hand. We taught the students about the crossover (or V dribble because the shape of the ball makes a V) we added movement into the lesson and then had students follow a partner around the gym practicing keeping their eyes forward. The students enjoyed an activity called dribble mania. The students in the class were asked to find a ball dribble it three times and then place it back on the floor and move to a new ball. The goal for me as the teacher was to get them as much practice dribbling while also keeping their head up looking for their next ball. As students they were given the challenge of dribbling every ball in the gym three times. At the end of the lesson with the time we had left I gave the students a chance to practice ball handling tricks or skills. We showed them a video so that they would have an idea of some tricks they could try. We also mentioned that they could clap while the ball was in the air, try and spin the ball on their finger. The main goal was to get the students to be creative and share some of their tricks with a partner. The video we showed is an old Nike commercial that can be seen here ----> NIKE COMMERCIAL.

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