February 20, 2013

Gymnastics Part 2

In the previous post I explained how we introduce our skills for gymnastics. The four main skills we went over were balancing, rolling, jumping and and landing, and transfer of weight. While we did teach all the skills to every student in the school, our expectations were different for each grade level. While our expectations were different for what skills each grade level could do, how we assessed each grade level was different also.

Gymnastics Assessment K-2

To assess K-2 we set up several stations where the students could demonstrate their knowledge and ability to do each of the skills we had worked on during the unit. These stations included cue cards for a reminder on how to do each of skills. We as teachers walked around and visually assessed each student making sure they were using good from and following directions.

The stations are shown below:

Station 1: Transfer of Weight 

Station 2: Rolling

Station 3: Jumping and Landing 

Station 4: Balance Roll Balance

Gymnastics Assessment 3-5 

For 3-5 we use an assessment that challenges the students to create a routine concepts from all the categories we learned during our unit. Each student is responsible for their own routine. Each Routine must include a beginning balance and a different ending balance which are both held for 3-5 seconds. Between the two balances the students must include 4 different concepts that were learned during the unit. The students may also use a turn or spin and a change of speed as one of their concepts in the routine. Once the students create their routine they will then practice. When the routine is memorized and perfected the teacher will come over and grade the routines based on following directions and following the order on their routine sheet. 

Below are a few routines of different skill levels:

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